Day 37: Christ revealed to the nations

Matthew 2:1-12

In today’s busy world I find it difficult sometimes to truly feel and experience the real Jesus. Society tells us to remove him from sight and only discuss or refer to him behind the closed doors of the church, lest we offend someone. Even at Christmas we are told to ignore Jesus. How does one know that Jesus is real and still with us?

In reading this passage I find it remarkable that Jesus is so real to the wise men of the East that they will travel so far and so long, just to experience his presence for themselves. He is so real when they do finally see him; they are overwhelmed and offer gifts, truly meant for kings. This little baby is so real to them, that they protect him from Herod and depart by another way. What a wonderful gift to have been in the presence of Jesus.

So how do we know Jesus is real today? I believe it is when we do his work. Jesus is real when we help those that are hungry, or need a place to spend the night. He is real when we listen to someone that is stressed out, or celebrate when someone is happy. Jesus is real when we offer a prayer, even when society tells us not to.
Jesus is certainly real. We just have to willing to see him, accept him and know him.

A prayer:
Jesus, I thank you for being real in our world. Help me to see you in all that I do and help me to know you are always with me.

Tom Young

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