Day 36: God with us

John 1: 1-9

I got a call from the St James Devotional Police (their words not mine) that my devotion was due. OVERDUE..Reading the Bible is very hard for me. I will be reading line 6 but my brain is still trying to figure out what line 1 means. I spent the FULLLLLLL day listening to the verse over and over in different versions and different accents. One even had birds chirping in the background of the narrator! I read from theology sites and Bible sites of all kinds. I was making things difficult. I needed to simplify. “The Word became Flesh”. . THIS is the way I like to experience God. Hands on, that’s a way I understand.

St James and other local churches worked together to bring refugees to live in our community. Helping them in even the smallest ways were some one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. On about the 3rd day they were with us, I spoke with Joan Miller and shared how I couldn’t explain how GREAT I was feeling. She said she had been singing like a schoolgirl for days. We were all experiencing God’s Love, The Light, The Word become Flesh.

Turned out a lot of folks helping in the project were also feeling extremely elated. Here I thought we were going to be helping people from a far away place where they are prosecuted for being Christians. Jailed if found holding Bibles. God’s love though all of us was bringing them here away from their suffering but guess what??? It worked in reverse. I know for me, I learned I LOVE to give. I learned that to GIVE you don’t really have to HAVE anything. All those people working together all over the world to make this happen was definitely God’s Work, our Hands. The Word Becoming Flesh.

Ami Hines

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