Day 23: Zechariah’s Prophecy

Luke 1:67-80

Operation Arrival
Zechariah’s Prophecy

When most people think of Christmas, they envision brightly wrapped gifts, the manger
scene, kids wearing bath robes in traditional pageants and Bing Crosby singing White Christmas.
Few of us could think of Christmas as amazing and fascinating as the remarkable ingenious
development that GOD gave us 2000 years ago. Think how efficient and perfectly synchronized
the events were surrounding the Saviors Birth. For sure it was no after thought.
Scripture assures us that when the fullness of the time came GOD sent forth his son.
(Galatians (4: 4) What a fantastic statement! At just the right moment precisely as GOD
arranged it, in keeping with a plan we might dub “Operation Arrival”, enter JESUS The

Zechariah describes John’s arrival saying he will go before The Lord to prepare his ways, to
give knowledge of salvation to the people’

Can any of us think of people who have gone before us to prepare our way? Why not the
generations before us, saints and sinners, great grandparents, grandparents, parents, ministers, teachers and friends. By the tender mercy of GOD, they helped to guided us in the way of forgiveness and peace. This is what Zechariah says John the Baptist did for JESUS. Can we do less for all of our families and neighbors?

Loving GOD thank you for sending your Son into the world t 0 provide for our salvation and for
the wonder of Christmas. May we all receive the gift of Jesus Amen

Shirley and Lefty Biser

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