Day 21: Peter preaches about the prophets

Acts 3:17-4:12

Peter and the disciples of Jesus had witnessed the miracles of Jesus and had heard the parables. They also witnessed his death and resurrection. An unrealistic devotion to the Law caused the elders and leaders to attempt to silence Peter. And at first, even the crowds of people who came to hear were fearful and in disbelief. Getting caught up in the negativity of the day these non-believers had difficulty letting go of old self-serving habits and beliefs.

What about those of us today who regularly hear the Word from the Gospel? We listen and hear, but what do our actions say? We are challenged every day to live the word of Jesus. It’s not easy to go against the crowd. Peter and the other disciples found that out in a difficult way. But they lived with Jesus and knew that His way was the only way that the kingdom of God would come to be among us.

Reading and studying the Bible, praising God through worship and music, receiving the sacrament among the community of believers, and personal prayer help give us a solid foundation for living in the world. In this way, we are connected through the ages to those early disciples. Living and loving like Jesus.

Heavenly Father, you give us all that we need to do your work. We have your son, Jesus Christ, who showed us the way. Let us take what we have been given and use it to go out into the world to ease burdens, offer mercy and share the Good News. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen

Carol Widerman

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