Day 19: Questions about Elijah

Mark 9:2-13

Elijah lived a dangerously exciting life, even for a prophet of Israel! In the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal to see whose God was really real, Elijah won the first round hands down. Even the biggest super-soaker wasn’t enough water to quench the fire of the God of Israel. The sequel to this event came when Queen Jezebel was determined to get even, but she couldn’t find Elijah who was really good at hide-and-seek. And God was good at hiding, too. Only when the fireworks were finished and all became deafening quiet did Elijah hear through the ears of faith the message of God: that God was God, ever present and all powerful.

So why was Elijah up there on the mountain with Jesus, Moses, and those three apostles? Many possibilities have been suggested. There are two I especially like! One is the solid connection that Moses and Elijah both shared dramatic encounters with God on mountains. Another is that Moses and Elijah were both eminent prophets of the wilderness who stand by the side of Jesus to testify to his character and mission.

Maybe it is as simple as, life is messy and Elijah certainly knew what living a messy life was all about. And when Jesus and his disciples came down from that mountain, they would be more ready to live their own prophetic calling because they had seen this messy prophet close up and real. To live and love like Jesus! Discipleship is rarely easy and always dangerously exciting!!

Prayer: Loving God, give us the courage of a prophet to live life to its fullest, even when it is dangerous to follow you, simply because our God never promised to do things small enough for us to understand. Amen.

Pastor Michael Allwein

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