Day 18: A witness to the light

John 1:6-8, 19-28

In today’s reading, verses 6-8, we are introduced to John the Baptist. We are reminded that John was sent to be a witness to the coming Messiah.

In verses 19-28 we hear John’s response to the questions of the priests and Levites. When he is asked who he is he responds truthfully and with great humility that he is not the Messiah but one who, although not worthy enough to even untie the Messiah’s sandals, is to proclaim the coming of the Lord.

During this time of preparation for the Lord’s coming we are reminded that through our connection to John the Baptist, as baptized children of the Father, we too are called to witness to the coming of the Messiah. In our devotions and worship we witness to our families and our church community, and in our comings and goings throughout this season we must remember to put the Lord’s coming as our top priority.

When John gives his truthful answers to the questions posed by those sent by the Pharisees he shows his humility while still speaking of the important job that he has been called to do. While we may not be asked “who are you”? in the same way, we need to witness to those around us “who we are” by our actions as we prepare the way for the coming Messiah.

Lord Jesus, make me a herald of your word of truth and grace. Help me to be a faithful witness of the joy of your coming to live among us and to point others to you as John did through his testimony.” Amen.

Michael Guise

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