Day 17: Kept in faith until the coming of Christ

1 Thessalonians 5:12-24

What more is there to say than what Paul tells us in this text! There’s no better way to live and love like Jesus than to follow what Paul lays out for us here: start by appreciating those who work among us. Sounds like that could mean all of us, doesn’t it? OR maybe should mean all of us. How else are we to serve our community in the way God calls us, if we’re not all laboring together? Doing God’s work with our hands certainly calls us to encourage one another, especially the fainthearted. To help the weak and be patient with all people speaks straight to the core of seeing and reaching out to those who are so often marginalized among us!

In this already and not yet time of Advent- when we see Christ’s coming in the manger, and waiting for His return to call us all home- how better to spend our days than to pray without ceasing, in everything to give thanks and to rejoice always! Come, Lord Jesus!

Prayer: God of peace, help us to do as you ask. Call us to prayer all through our day. Help us to value each other as we labor in your Kingdom. Sanctify us that we may be found blameless at the day of Jesus’ coming. Amen.

Lucinda L. Bringman

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