Day 15: Righteousness and praise flourish like a garden

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11

When Judy Seilhamer approached me to do an Advent devotional, she cajoled me with “This passage would be perfect for you and Charlie to do–it’s about righteousness and praise flourish like a garden!” Immediately she convinced me to want to try it. But a recent hacking incident with my email account made the words of Isaiah take on a different meaning.

An email message emanating from my account spread through my entire list of approximately 400 contacts including many members of St James. The content of the bogus email claimed I was stranded in the Philippines and desperately needed money. Apparently the message spread about 7:30 am and by 7:45 I received my first phone call from a St James member alerting me my account had been hacked. The rest of the day I received phone call after phone call from various St James members saying they had received an odd email from me and were just checking to see if I was all right. The last phone call came through about 10 pm. . . I was deeply touch by the expressions of concern.

Aha! There’s the garden! The community of St James–we’re the garden that causes seeds to grow. According to Isaiah, we are the ones proclaiming good news to the poor, comforting those who mourn, and sharing the news of His righteousness.

Dear God: Help us always nourish and care for one another so like a garden we can flourish and do great things in Your name. Amen

Anne Gomer

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