Day 9: Waiting for the day of God

2 Peter 3:8-15a

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Time heals all wounds…”

Sometimes I think the saying is true. With time, swelling can go down, the bleeding can stop, a scar can form. With time, bitterness can decrease, the desire for retribution can lessen, forgiveness can grow. With time, the hurt can subside, the pain can diminish, reconciliation can begin.

But not always… While we wait for new life of healing for ourselves, while we wait for new heavens and a new earth where justice is at home for all, days can turn into weeks which turn into years which turn into decades and even millennia.

Time can heal…but what we do with the time matters.

2nd Peter says that while we are waiting, strive to be at peace. God is patient – a thousand years for God are like a single day. Consider that if God can await the coming of justice for the world with patience, we too can await the healing of our lives with patience, knowing that justice and healing will come. Indeed they will come.

Let us pray….Loving God, give us patience and trust that Your time will come. Amen.

Pr. Jeanette

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1 Response to Day 9: Waiting for the day of God

  1. Lisa Angstadt says:

    Something I’ve discovered about myself during the last few months….patience is difficult for me! You’re article helps to reiterate my need for it. Have a good day!

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