Day 5: Prayer for deliverance

Psalm 79

In Psalm 79, a cry of sorrow from the community was written to the
response of the devastation of Jerusalem and the sacking of the Holy
Temple. They called for God to punish the enemies and pleaded for
forgiveness and deliverance, vowing praise and thanks to God forever.

A destruction from war has not personally touched my family but a
devastating illness has made a big impact and caused a major disruption in
our lives. When Alzhiemers strikes a loved one it touches everyone;
emotionally, physically, financially. My family came close to falling apart;
we’ve had to leave our home of20 years. The kids hated it and we all
struggled to find sense in it all. It’s been 3 years and we are still struggling.

We watch as Mom slowly withers away, mentally and physically with no
way of helping her except to do our best to make her comfortable. God
wanted us to love one another and to take care of one another and that is
what we will do through till the end. The only good thing through all of this,
is that somehow we have come closer together as a family and that in itself
is a great blessing.

Lord God, thank you for our many blessings. We all know that we do not
live in a perfect world, but we ask for the forgiveness and deliverance of the
pain and struggles we all endure. In your Holy name, Jesus, we pray.

Margaret Shanoltz

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